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This Year's P and C meeting dates 

  • T1 W3 Monday 7/02/2022
  • T1 W8 Monday 14/03/2022
  • T2 W3 Monday 9/05/2022
  • T2W9 Monday 20/06/2022 (in lieu of Public holiday on Monday W8)
  • T3W3 Monday 1/08/2022
  • T3 W8 Monday 5/09/2022
  • T4 W3 Monday 24/10/2022
  • T4 W8 Monday 28/11/2022

The Kent Road Public School Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C) is a school-based, volunteer driven organisation that aims to build a strong school community through positive contributions.  Membership is open to all parents, grandparents, caregivers and interested citizens.

The P&C aims to raise funds to provide our school and students with many extra, invaluable resources that enhances their learning environment across all curriculum areas.  We also aim to provide a supportive social environment for students’ families as well as provide a platform for discussion and consultation.  

Our P&C volunteers provide convenient, reliable services for Kent Road families including our School Uniform Shop and Scholastic Book Club.  The P&C organises (subject to pandemic restrictions) a wide variety of events throughout the year, adding fun and school community building opportunities.

We invite all new and existing Kent Road families to volunteer (in any capacity) in our activities.  We also encourage you to join our P&C Association.  It is a great way to build relationships within the school community and to be kept informed of the school’s news and activities.  

The P&C meets on Mondays at 7:30pm in Weeks 3 and 8 of each school term.  At these meetings reports are presented by committee members, the Principal and the School Executive and opportunities are provided for open discussion.  The meetings are conducted in a COVID safe way.

The Kent Road Public School P&C Association is a member of the New South Wales P&C Federation and is incorporated under the Parents and Citizens' Incorporation Act 1976.  Our P&C is governed by a Constitution (which is prescribed by the Minister for Education) and by an additional set of by-laws that have been adopted by the P&C.  You can find links to the Constitution and By-Laws below.

If you wish to explore volunteering opportunities, or have any general questions please contact our P&C through our dedicated email address –

P&C Executive for 2022:

  • President - Eva Urban
  • Vice President - Kris Arnold
  • Vice President - 
  • Treasurer - Jack Tao
  • Secretary - David Doyle

P&C subcommittees for 2022:

  • Events Team Coordinator – Kris Arnold
  • Events Team Member – Vinnci Lee-Wu
  • Uniform Shop Coordinator – Malyna Rooke
  • Uniform Shop Support Coordinator – Amanda Jacobs
  • Book Club Coordinator – Lisa Tang

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